Poetry recitals in the one to one sessions

Hi! Brittanie and Jonah here, we thought you might like to hear about what we’ve been working  in the weekly individual study sessions.

Study time is an excellent opportunity for us to put more creative and interactive teaching methods into practice and we have found that the kids have responded very positively to this; examples of this that we have introduced include writing wintery Haikus, recognising the differences between the various accents of the United Kingdom, writing their own comic strips and creating wonderful posters on table manners to be displayed in the dining room.

While, of course, we try to introduce new topical vocabulary alongside the appropriate grammatical structures we believe that the greatest benefit we can have is to improve their spoken and conversational English. This semester we will be holding a poetry recital with the aim of improving students’ pronunciation with emphasis on correct stress, appropriate rhythm and use of pauses. Obviously, there will be a prize incentive for the most improved!

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