Exploring the quarantine effects in ecosystems.

During unit 6 of biology, we study ecology and ecosystems. In this unit we enquire into the relationship and connections that living organisms have with each other, the importance of the nonliving properties of an ecosystems and how changes may have a positive or negative effect on systems that are in equilibrium.  

Thoughout the design and study of an ecosistem of their choice, our studentsof MYP 4 have discovered these concepts. They had to research and investigate the factors and components of their ecosystems, the relations and connections between the organisms living in them and with this information they create a food chain to show how the energy flows within the system of study. 

To be able to understand the efects of changes in ecosystems our students have studied the effect of the current issue of the quarantine, that has been stablished throughout the globe. With this example they have analyzed how the removal of one specie, in this case Humans, affects in many aspects the functioning of a system that was in equilibrium. 

The students have done an impressive job, and the result of this task has been very suscesfull. Good job!

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